Thursday, November 02, 2006

Have Yourself A Merry Lohan Christmas

Dina Lohan will do anything for money. This year she’s raising money for Christmas shopping by allowing Lindsay’s little elfy sister, 12 year-old Ali, is to drop her first album. It’s a Christmas album and will feature classics such as Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells, Silent Night and Ali’s own single, the ingeniously titled “I Like Christmas.” To make matters worse, the album is called “Lohan Holiday.” Should we expect the album to come chock-full of boozing uncles beating each other, assorted drug consumption, a little vomiting after dinner, a few drunk driving accidents, some restraining orders and a partridge in a pear tree?

Ali says, “The music on this record is inspired by my favorite time of the year when I can gather with friends and family and celebrate the Christmas season. I am very proud of my new album and extremely excited to introduce my music to my fans.” She wants to introduce her “fans” to her music? Since when does she have fans? And how is Christmas music “her” music? So she expects this album to evoke those warm, sweet memories of gathering the family around the fireplace to meet up before taking a holiday trip to visit dad in jail.

I've seen soloists in elementary school chorus concerts better than this. The only thing worse would be Lindsay as backup.:


Anonymous said...

Is is just me or does anyone else think Ali Lohan looks A LOT older than her sister? She looks way beyond 12 years! Has she already started the party circuit?

sallypierre said...

this was so awful! feel sorry for this kid--she can't sing, can't move, can't pose.

am sick of idiots paying talentless hacks to put this shit out.

Anonymous said...

40 seconds of tone-deaf singing is my limit.. talk about a brilliant scam.

hellocolleenie said...

when she sings, her face looks like she's trying to take a dump