Thursday, November 02, 2006

Price Is Right, Picture is Wrong

PageSix ran the following article today:

FOR better or worse, we're all about to see a little bit more of hyperactive CBS "Early Show" weatherman Dave Price. He just re-upped his contract with the network and may have gotten a sweet side deal - to host the long-running game show "The Price is Right." Longtime "Price" host Bob Barker announced his retirement Tuesday afternoon, and it came as a shock to some. One former co-worker said, "Bob always swore he would die on that show. He had a unique contract where it was for life - and if he left unwillingly, the show had to go dark for a year, effectively killing it." Some think CBS head Les Moonves must have paid off Barker to retire - because he loves Price, who had been threatening to jump ship to Fox. A rep for CBS, Chris Ender, said, "Bob just informed us of his plans. It's premature to discuss another potential host."

Ok. So the article itself is not that exciting and we might've found out my answer to "is Ryan Seacrest going to take that job too?" What is exciting is the picture they included: What the hell? I guess exciting wasn't even the right word... Nothing says creepy like having a picture taken with your airbrushed dog over your shoulder.

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dino said...

OMG the dog is humping the dude's shoulder.