Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Mouthfull

Barbara Streisand got a mouthfull of someone's drink on Monday night after a mid-concert skit making fun of President Bush. Yah, someone through a dixie cup or something filled with some sort of liquid. And, honestly, it wasn't so much a mouthfull. The drink didn't actually hit her, but imagine if it had!
She apparently took it in stride and had this to say, "It's a free country and they're entitled to express their opinion."
It's at least the third time the skit, which includes a George Bush impersonator, has angered Streisand's audience, which consists of mostly fags and old ladies.

1 comment:

xine said...

I wouldn't care if people threw drinks at me. As long as they were alcoholic and they landed in my mouth.

Why the hell would the one person who still likes George Bush even leave their house?