Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Movie View: Marie Antoinette

So it came out like twenty years ago but I finally went to see "Marie Antoinette" with some girlfriends over the weekend. I often times write blogs in my sleep so I was hoping something brilliant would come to me about this movie. Since it's already Wednesday and nothing's changed, I wanted to give you some insight before this movie is out on DVD. Speaking of "out on DVD," I suggest waiting until you can order this movie from Netflix where you can watch it from the comfort of your couch. I know the main question is: was it a waste of money? Quite frankly, I'm the wrong person to ask because I could spend $8.50 on a rock and still not think I wasted my money. (didn't my parents do a wonderful job of harvesting wonderful money managing skills?) Here's my breakdown:

Costumes = A+ magnificent
Set = A (it was set at Versailles and they did most of the shooting there)
Story = C If you don't know a lot about Marie Antoinette before you go, I suggest dusting off a history book. They allude to a lot of things in the movie and without prior knowledge, I imagine it could be quite boring.
Dialogue = F Let's just say that Kirsten Dunst didn't have to spend much time memorizing lines. She barely spoke in complete sentences. A lot of the movie was about visuals and movement.
Length = D It was a little long and some scenes were monotonous but I imagine it would be better on the couch with a glass of wine. …or a really stiff cocktail....especially if you have an aversion to seeing Kirsten's naked ass.
Overall = recommended for gays and girls. Since everything is on youtube, here's a preview:

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