Wednesday, November 08, 2006

YOUR YouTube FIX: Faith Hill Might Scratch Your Eyes Out

Honest to Pete, like two days ago, Numb-nuts Kanye West tweaked out because he lost his European MTV award to some nobody, and now, Faith Hill loses her shit because Carrie Underwood took home the award for Best Female Vocalist of the Year something or another.

At what point is someone too old to be behaving like that in public? I think her publicist probably agrees with me, since as of this morning, he released a statement saying that what television audiences saw Monday night was a product of playfulness in the company of friends gathered with her backstage, not sour grapes. What?

"She was just messing around," her publicist, Paul Freundlich said. "She didn't realise that the camera was rolling the whole time. ... She just thought they were doing a shot when they read the nominees off."


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