Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pop Goes the Boobies

Courtney Love is off drugs. Hell is still warm and my heart is still cold. Yay- this worked out quite well. At 42-ish she even still has enough time to return to a piece of her former sexy. I know, good-lookin' Courtney is difficult to remember since the majority of her life was spent in Fug-ville, USA...but I swear she was quite the looker for about .0293 of a millisecond in like 1996 or something. In this fun twist of addiction events, Pop Magazine (what magazine?? do people actually subscribe to that?) decided to give Ms. Love her very own drug-free cover. Not too shabby...face like a photoshopped angel....then BAM....a hydrochloric acid and glass shard martini to my tanning-bed-damaged corneas: the most lopsided titties known to homo sapiens. Seriously, what would've been so bad about leaving the shirt down? Or why not throw her in a wifebeater and spray her down with a little water? Or just photoshop the damn things?

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