Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Posh Hates it Hairy

Victoria Beckham's new trend-setting chin-length haircut wasn't for looks, it was for function. Posh chopped off her locks after her formerly-long tresses (of extensions) kept falling out during sex.

Wow -- I really misjudged her. All this time I thought EVERYTHING she does is for looks. Turns out she draws the line at hairy sex. If I had to choose betweeen beautiful long sexy hair OR long hairy sex, I'd choose sex over hair. Although if it was sex with David Beckham, I'd take it however I could get it. [source]


oldwiseone said...

I'm starting to love her just a little bit.

Anonymous said...

How can this be ... this fucking bitch might not be the fucking bitch I thought she was. Shit!

xine said...

I think she's just one of those unfortunate people who LOOKS like a total bitch. I mean think about it...she was a Spice Girl. She has to have some sense of humor.

I watched an interview with her a long time ago and - she actually seems kinda fun. Here it is:

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