Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Anna Nicole Will Not Win a Spelling Bee

TMZ obtained an AOL Instant Message conversation yesterday between Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead. Anna Nicole made it clear that she's not going to submit to a DNA paternity test without a fight, and she's got her grammatical dukes up and ready...

The following is a precise transcript, complete with spelling and grammatical errors (the user names have been changed):

Anna Nicole quit trash me at the casino
Larry not at a casino
Anna Nicole go f**k my mom to
Anna Nicole Yall are sick
Larry show up for the test with the baby
Anna Nicole don't think so
Anna Nicole u wish
Larry everybody just want u to do right thing is all
Anna Nicole in your dreams

The deadline for the paternity test was today. TMZ learned Anna's lawyers were in Los Angeles County Superior Court this morning trying to block the test. The judge has not issued a definitive ruling on Smith's motion and so far the DNA test has not happened.

Can someone explain what "quit trash me at the casino," really means? Is she saying, "quit trashing me at the casino?" OR "I'm quite trashy at the casino." And honestly Anna, no one wants to "F**K" your mom, "to..." or too, whatever.


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