Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mood Music: Anna Nicole Body Trial Edition

So I'm random. If you spend enough time on this blog, you probably figured that out by now. I spent the entire day listening to Cirque du Anna via live stream on the internet. I have a weird habit of relating current news situations (or situations in general) to quotes from old rap songs. After today, this kept repeating in my head:

With so much drama in the l-b-c
Its kinda hard bein snoop d-o-double-g
But I, somehow, some way
Keep comin up with funky ass shit like every single day

So I present you with a special double feature....the original video (I totally always got a kick out of that guy going "who's damn kids is that any damn way over there tearin up the damn couch we had that damn couch for 20 years shoulda kept the plastic on. snoop doggy dog you need to get a jobby job..." in like 1993)
and here is a strange conglomeration of Snoop and American Idol Taylor Hicks that I found while I was looking for the original video. I figured if we're talking about freakshows, I might as well include this. They're singing Gin n Juice live in Birmingham, AL :

I'll post an ANS courtroom update shortly!

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