Thursday, February 15, 2007

On Again Off Again Since 1989

While rumors are swirling that Kim Mathers may be marrying Eminem for a third time (shortly after their second divorce) she's telling Dr. Keith Ablow that Eminem's misogynistic behavior forced her to attempt suicide. A true testament to the modern American marriage. Anyway, I was pretty convinced that the terms of their first divorce included something like "The petitioner is informed that under the terms of this divorce she is allowed to open her mouth but is not allowed to utter words, articulate sounds, express thoughts, opinions or feelings orally.” I guess that provision went down the drain in the second divorce because she actually speaks:

PS. Can you believe the difference a little tranny makeup makes? To the left is Kim on the Dr. Keith Ablow show which must be a little low on funds for hair and makeup. On the right is Kim at her second wedding to Eminem on my birthday last year.

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Kim Mathers has to forget Eminem because he isn't a good person for her