Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Guessing Game...

Which celebrity mom joins her daughter in snorting lines of cocaine?
If we're talking about the mom being a celebrity, maybe like Demi Moore and Rumerface...or Courtney Love and Francis. If we're talking about the mom of a celebrity, it's totally the duo of Dina and Lindsay Lohan.

Which soulful singer is bulimic? Friends are concerned the stress of having a new album is causing her to throw up her meals.
Joss Stone. Although I think she might just be throwing up because that hair makes her look like Joss Wildenstein.

Which socialite was conspicuously absent from the front row during Fashion Week because she was in rehab? The bride-to-be went to a "special spa" to conquer her cocaine habit before the wedding.
I know the answer to this. Lauren Davis. Why is she a socialite again? I don't even really know her deal, I just know the post loves to bash her for partying and she's marrying a veeeeeeeeeeeery rich guy sometime in the near future. NY Post recently said: Guests at the New York Botanical Garden's Winter Wonderland Ball on Friday were aghast when one of the junior chairs, Lauren Davis, didn't bother to show up or even call. The other junior chairs all came, as did the chairs, but Davis apparently had some partying to do instead. The blonde, who sometimes freelances for Vogue, went out with pals at the Gramercy Park Hotel and Bungalow 8. "She was texting and calling people at like 4 in the morning," said a spy. "She totally disregarded her responsibilities. So rude." Reached by e-mail, Davis would only say, "I was at a lot of places Friday night." Asked if the ball was one of them, she responded, "No." Socialite Rank said: Where art thou, Lauren? Lauren Davis’ seats throughout the week at big shows like Oscar and Bill Blass stayed empty. Ding ding ding ding...right answer! Too bad I don't give a shit. I'm just excited that I finally know the answer to one of these questions.

Which funnyman is having an affair? His wife doesn't mind - she's got her money and her status to keep her company.
Jerry Seinfeld.

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