Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Out Magazine: Promoting the Bullying and Humiliation of Possible-Gays Front and Center

Out Magazine decided to ‘out’ a number of celebrities from their “glass closet” and then throw them on an incredibly distorted 50 Most Powerful Gays In America list to make up for it. Sure, it’s getting Michael Musto a lot of attention for the oversized, hairy balls he wants everyone to thing he must have to ‘out’ entertainers perceived as closeted. I think he’s just a big, gay bullying media whore. See: Perez Hilton.

While the gay community is striving for positive social and political change, people like this are detractors. Sure there is likely a huge, full closet in the entertainment industry and it exists in a social climate where it’s a tad bit easier to be gay than in the past. But if a star doesn’t want to be known as a gay star, they shouldn’t have to. There are plenty of entertainers well-suited and ready to run around Hollywood with a big rainbow flag on a giant glitter float. Coming out is a personal decision that involves individual identity. Instead of forcibly outing individuals, why not channel efforts to increase understanding and tolerance in society or empower them to understand the potential of their influence? This type of gossip gives the unspoken reinforcement that it’s not just ok to point fingers and ostracize the gays - do it nationally and on the front cover while you’re at it. It reminds me of high school - I do wonder how those poor boys are doing.

Being openly homosexual does not give you a magic wand to point out all of the other gays. No matter what way you look at it, treating a member of a group with intolerance is just plain old bigotry. I hear Ann Coulter is free for happy hour...always.


Andrew said...

Hell yes! And if this is the sole focus of your magazine, you'll still be outlived by other, more well-established, magazines for idiots such as People or Lucky! or Car Stereo Monthly...

xine said...

Speaking you still have that subscrption of Car Stereo Monthly? I was trying to figure out some bday ideas... :)