Thursday, May 03, 2007

Anorexia Chronicles: The Prison Diet

A cook accused of fatally shooting four people over Labor Day weekend has lost 55 pounds in jail, putting his health in danger and prompting the sheriff to seek a court order to force-feed him if necessary. Christian Nielsen, who has been eating little and exercising obsessively, has dropped from 158 pounds to 103 pounds and is being monitored in the medical ward of the Cumberland County Jail, Sheriff Mark Dion said Thursday. Nielsen was ordered committed Wednesday to the Riverview Psychiatric Center in Augusta for assessment and treatment. But he remained at the jail on Thursday and it could be days or weeks before he's transferred, Dion said. Dion said he was preparing paperwork in hopes of going before a judge Thursday to seek permission to force-feed him if necessary. The concern is that Nielsen, 32, has lost so much weight that his body could begin breaking down, he said. "Our medical staff believes he has begun that slide," Dion told The Associated Press. "That's what adds to the urgency of our request." [source]

He's just trying to fit through the bars. Honestly, what else are you supposed to do in jail aside from workout and not eat their crappy food? He probably just needs some books and a Big Mac. You know, if I didn't like freedom so much I might try this jail diet. I could get down to about 113 by Memorial Day and be bikini- ready for my trip to LA. Seriously though, I do hope they get help in time. I used to work for a psych hospital and that paperwork is ridiculous, dangerous and unhealthy.


biggayneil said...

um, I live in Maine and this whack job butchered four innocent people including his landlady and her daughter and a guy who rented a room in the same house. Cut them into little bits and burned them in a ditch in the backyard. let him starve and save the taxpayers the cost of giving him a trail and then sending him to jail for the rest of his live.
sorry to sound like such a republican but really.

xine said...'ve never heard you so republican in your life! I actually sort of agree. in no way do I support crazy murderers. I think it kind of sounded that way. alas, human rights organizations probably wouldn't be too keen on allowing people to starve to death in prison.

biggayneil said...

yeah i guess you'ld just have to convince the gov't he was an enemy combatant and then they'd let him rot in jail. sorry for all the spelling mistakes in that last post....maybe I am turning into a republican after all : >