Saturday, May 05, 2007

Celebrity Clone: Giant Lawsuit Edition

Anne Hathaway's boyfriend, Italian real estate developer Raffaelo Follieri, looks stringingly similar to Zach Braff. Zach should be glad he's not Raffaelo who is currently facing a $55 million lawsuit. Ron Burkle is suing Follieri for allegedly taking $55 million of Burkle's company's money and lavishing it on, as court papers put it, "an unnamed actress girlfriend." According to the lawsuit,Follieri spent at least some of the gigantic money pile on private jet travel for himself and Hathaway, dog care for their Labrador Esmerelda, monster shopping at Prada and Fendi, and an executive chef, among other extravagances. The money was supposed to be poured into development of land purchased from the Catholic Church, which is Follieri's business specialty. Yup, I'd rather be dating Zach Braff.

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