Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Guessing Game...

WHICH rehabbed starlet was in for addictions even worse than alcohol and cocaine? She's still battling a crystal meth habit . . .

I would have to guess either: Lindsay (she was scary-skinny for a while, seems like she never sleeps and she’s a ‘starlet’), Britney (because she’s a total mess), MK Olsen (even though she said she was in for anorexia – there have been rumors) or last but not least - that Miss USA bitch who isn’t really a starlet but went in for alcohol and cocaine.

WHICH state legislator is about to come under heavy fire from gay activists because she's not supporting the gay marriage bill? They say that although her legal residence is in Brooklyn, she really lives with her lesbian partner in Manhattan . .

I don’t know my NY state legislators but this is pretty juicy. I’m sure people who do know the NY state legislators could guess this in an instant.

WHICH bald billionaire had friends worried because he was walking with a cane? He laughed off speculation he threw out his back while overexerting himself one night in the sack.

Ron Perelman is bald-ish. I don’t really know the bald billionaires – just the young ones.

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Anonymous said...

courtney love. way too skinny.