Friday, May 04, 2007

More Myspace Fights: The Wannabes

I honestly shaved 15 years off my life typing all of this - I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Yet another public MySpace fight by people who want to be famous. Kim Kardashiana v. Haylie Duff:

HAYLIE: Hey Kimberly, So, I’m really tired of all this bad blood between us. The only reason we even know each other is because of Paris, and of course she tries to stir things up because she doesn’t like me and wants you to be on her side. I’m not writing this message to slam her, though. Anyway, I just want to say sorry for whatever I’ve said about you, I know there’s been a lot of miscommunications and stuff, and I think you’re a really nice girl, and that we could end up being good friends. We should go out and cosmos together sometime! If you ever feel like it, cell me! You can get the number from Adam.
Peace and Love,

KIM: um, thanks for the message i’m glad you want to be friends. i’m really tired of all this shit and drama, i’m a grown woman and i’ve been feeling like a little kid again. i know i should’ve have called you a stupid cunt, it was mean but i just did it because paris told me to. i was desperate for attention but i’ve finally ditched her and i’m becoming my own person. anyway, would you want to go see am spin at les deux next week? hope u write back soon. kim dont listen to paris shes a stupid lesbian

HAYLIE: i know, the drama has really gotten out of hand. I’m a grown woman and I can’t stand it, I just want it to be gone. This isn’t high school! And I forgive you for calling me that. :) Anyway, I’d LOVE to see AM spin! What time? Xoxo Haylie

KIM:yeah um. i forgot i don’t hang out with horses plus im busy. slut.

Snap. Horrific run-on sentence and comma usage aside, Haylie actually comes out of this looking like the better person. Still, something just doesn't seem right about the whole thing...

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