Friday, May 04, 2007

YOUR 15 MINUTES: 15 Drunken Minutes on a Thursday Night

A man stole a Rent-A-Center truck from the rear of the Main Street store after drinking a half-gallon of whiskey and about six beers Thursday evening, police said. Carmen C., 34, drove the truck from a parking lot behind the building, down East Fourth Street, where he struck three cars, and then over the East Bridge, police said. Three police cruisers surrounded the truck near the Bunge's Meat Market and pulled Carmen from the driver's cab, according to charges. Under questioning, Carmen said he had a fight with his girlfriend recently and wanted to go see her, according to authorities. After drinking the whiskey and beer, he was walking in the parking lot behind Rent-A-Center when he saw the truck running and decided to take it, he told police. In a rambling statement to a reporter before his arraignment late last night, Carmen said he had a gun pointed at him by a black man who forced him to drive the truck. Later, he said he hadn't been driving the truck at all. During his arraignment, Carmen interrupted the Judge to deny again that he had been driving the truck. He also interrupted her to tell her the officers had torn his "muscle shirt."

Woo-eeeeeeeee. A half gallon of whiskey, a six pack of beer, a ripped wife beater, a stolen Rent-A-Center truck and a few hit n' runs on a Thursday. I bet he puts my Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby/Mayweather-De La Hoya fight party to shame.

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Anonymous said...

What a stupid hick...Go home and beat the girlfriend when ya get there. Moron!!! It's stupid people like this that deserve to get locked up for ever. Have fun with Bubba in there and dont forget to drop the soap.