Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Couture du Jour: Wal-Mart Not So Much

Mary Kate and Ashley are moving from the Wal-Mart girls' clothing section to Neiman Marcus with their latest fashion collection "Elizabeth and James" (named after their siblings). It will be based on their own vintage clothes, naturally. They also have a "couture" line called "The Row" but I'm not even sure if that's in stores. Or maybe "The Row" turned into "Elizabeth and James." Who knows. Whatever the case, I think they're incredibly adorable (especially in the picture above) and I'd probably buy a dress or two - from the Neiman Marcus line, not the children's line at Wal-Mart. That would just be silly.


sarah said...

They're both making really weird faces...or maybe that's just the way they look.

biggayneil said...

You mean .... there are more of them out there...walking the earth with gallon size cups of starbucks coffee and enormous kohl rimmed eyes.... the horror, the horror !!!!!!!