Monday, June 18, 2007

Questionable Quotes: Note to 50 Cent - Next Time It Might Be Beneficial To Attack Someone A Little Less Influential

50 Cent doesn’t like Oprah. OOOOOoohhh….a rapper doesn’t like someone. Shocking. I’m sure Oprah(the richest African American of the 20th century, the most philanthropic African American of all time, the world's only black billionaire for three straight years and according to more than one appraisal, the world's most powerful woman) hasn’t slept since she heard the news that the crack-dealer-turned-bulletproof-vest-wearing/bullet-hole-laden rapper isn’t her #1 fan. First Fiddy accused Oprah of catering to “older white women.” Since that wasn’t particularly hateful, he called her an Oreo. In case you’re haven’t been studying your racial slur handbook recently - it means white on the inside, black on the outside. Now he’s bashing her again with:

"She doesn't ever say anything that anybody from the ghetto is gonna ID with. Take a poll. You go out and find me some young black women who ID with Oprah...She can escape the fact that she's black because she's a billionaire."

Wait a second…”Escape the fact that she’s black?” What is he talking about? Didn’t she just build a school for girls in Africa? Maybe Fiddy should sign up. Poor thing. I think Fiddy's starting to get a little confused in the head. Must be lead poisoning.

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sarah said...

He also speaks like he's poor and in the ghetto. I'm sure he's not living in Harlem.