Friday, June 15, 2007

YOUR YouTube FIX: Give Me Your Car Title and I'll Make You Look Rich for A Day

I've been watching Judge Mathis on DVR and ususally I fast-forward through the commercials but there's one I always stop on - CashPoint. CashPoint is a car title loan company. The moral of the commercial is always "have your broke ass take out a loan on your cheap ass car and blow the money." I mean don't go from broke to tuxedo in .2 seconds. This place is probably loan default heaven.


Anonymous said...

That is what we call N rich

Anonymous said...

yah... how about them N's

Chris said...

the funniest part is, if you notice the cars in the commercials are all decent cars that look relatively new. There is no way that the people in the commercials would A) have enough money to buy their car with CASH or B) have paid off their car that quickly. Those are the only two ways they could be holding their title!