Monday, July 23, 2007

The 411 on Gay Stupid vs. Gay Homo from Matt Damon

Using the phrase, "that's gay" has become an American pastime. Apparently gay can mean both stupid and homosexual, and below, you'll see an example of how one wildly handsome, mildly talented actor, Matt Damon, uses the phrase himself. Please attempt to discern whether Matt means he's gay or stupid. or both...

Matt Damon's interview in the most recent issue of GQ contained this little nugget about what he and Ben Affleck did with their first big paycheck:

"We both bought Jeep Grand Cherokees. It was funny, because Ben and I, we both always wanted a Jeep Grand Cherokee for some reason. That was the car. We always talked about it but never could afford one. So when we suddenly had the money, we each instantly started trying to convince each other to get a different car. We’d say, ‘Hey, have you seen the Explorer? The Ford Explorer is really cool.’ Because we knew it would just be so gay to get the same car."

This story (and Matt Damon) is both gay stupid and gay homo. I guess this isn't the best example, but you get my point!


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