Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Britney Cares About You And Your Weight

Even though her kids were crying and screaming just inches away, Britney Spears took time to express her concern about the paparazzi this weekend. Using a shame-based technique, she invited them to begin a regimen of healthy diet and exercise. Britney said:

"Hey baby, when are you going to get on a diet? Have you ever tried weight watchers, you fat fuck. Why don't you run, you need to fuckin jog, you pussy. Yeah, run, run bitch."

The thing I don't understand here is that it looks like they pull into the parking lot of a "Beds Etc.," she gets out with a bodyguard, and stands there with her phone allowing them to take a few pictures. All the sudden, the papparazzi just leave. Ain't nuffin to see here, folks!

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