Friday, August 17, 2007

Couture du Jour: Mommy and Me - 2007?

A long, long time ago when I was a little girl, mommy and me clothes we generally hideous plaid jumpers from the JC Penney catalog. Fortunately my mom never bought into that crap. Since my childhood, children's fashion has advanced giving the next generations of girls the opportunities to not always look like a 47 year-old sunday school teacher from Missouri. On the flipside, girls now have endless opportunities to look like 12 year old American prostitutes.Paris Hilton, America's favorite coochie-flashing, jailbird, pornstar, socialite heiress, decided to design a woman's line for Kitson...and she has a mini-her in the same dress. I think she just found the only market she hasn't tapped yet. I mean really, the only places that dress would be appropriate for a child is in a tap dance recital or a dress-up box. After looking at Kitson's pictures of the collection, the kid is not only wearing the dress...she's also apparently sewing them herself in a back alley LA sweatshop. Truly hideous clothing. It doesn't even photograph well. Seriously, they should've Photoshopped the whole collection. This shirt reminds me of a windsock I made in middle school home ec. class. I bet they sell better quality stuff at Fashion Bug. Paris is donating some of the proceeds to LA's Children's Hospital. She's no Paul Newman thought...only 10% of the proceeds from the $70 poly-blend shirts will be going to the hospital.


sarah said...

I've never seen a collection of more hideous clothing. I'd rather look like a 47 yr old Sunday school teacher from Missouri.

hellocolleenie said...

Paris Hilton needs to stick to what she does best...that is being a nasty whore, NOT designing clothes.