Friday, September 28, 2007


I've been treating the blog like that credit card bill you don't want to open because you spent too much money last month and you're pretty sure it's overdue so if you leave it alone, it might just go away. I know I haven't been posting a lot and I thought that maybe if I just stayed away, nobody would notice and then I could just come back when my life is less busy and pick up where I left off. After receiving angry phone calls and emails about how everyone is bored at work, I realize that much like avoiding credit card bills, ignoring the blog is a very bad idea.

So to restart things, I'm posting this commercial that I've been obsessed with for about a month now. It's bizarrely sexy and almost completely irrelevant to what it's advertising. Behold, Korean Air's obscure approach to advertising that instantly makes me want to jump on a plane to Korea where I will be showered with champagne (poolside?), perfume and sexy blue shoes by some strangely-moving yet totally adorable Korean girl with a really, really sleek updo. ...because apparently that's what Korean Air is made of...

PS I swear I love our readers and I will never compare you to credit card bills again! :)

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