Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Madge's Dirty Move

MSNBC is reporting that Madonna's new video for the single "Sorry" is too racy for TV due to some undisclosed obscene hand gesture made at the camera. If it's in the version of the video we posted over a month ago then I missed it. I'm surprised she found time to make an obscene gesture with everything that's crammed into this video: abducting people, stripping, foreign languages, boomboxes, dancing nerds, bodybuilders, gangstas, cages, yoga positions, roller skating, disco balls, a pizza delivery man, leotards, bumping, grinding, cruising in a child molester van/mobile disco.

I'm sure she was just trying to connect with her younger fans. You know, relive her youth a little…push the envelope in the only way a reinvented Kabbalah-practicing children’s book author with two small children can.

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