Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nothing Gets Your Name Back On The Radar Screen Like a Few Slaps and a Bite

Axl Rose has been arrested in Stockholm, Sweden after allegedly biting a security guard at his hotel. Guns N' Roses played a concert in Stockholm's Globe Arena on Monday night and had been partying at a well-known nightclub before the incident. Does Axl Rose still think it's the 80's? I mean it's nice to see him out and about. Now I don't have to spend time each day wondering what my wondeful little Axl has been doing with himself. Anyway, band members don't attack people or trash hotels or throw stuff anymore. That's for fashion designers, models and crazy actors now. He should know since Tommy Hilfiger recently bitch slapped and karate chopped his ass. [source]

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adrienne said...

i remember sitting in your old apartment in the mexican war streets, at like 4 AM and you were like "i wonder what axl rose is doing right now."