Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ridin' Dirty

Houston rapper (and current love of my life) Chamillionaire claims that the cops harrassed him last month by pulling over his tour bus and performing an unnecessary search. He says they don't like his lyrics.

Do what you thinkin' so, I tried to let you go.
Turn on my blinker light and then I swang it slow.
And they upset for sure
'Cause they think they know
That they catchin me with plenty of the drinkin' drough.
So they get behind me,Tryin' to check my tags.
Look at my rearview and they smilin',
Thinkin' they'll catch me on the wrong; keep tryin'
steady denyin' it's racial profilin'.
Houston, TX, you can check my tags;
Pull me over, try to check my slab.
Glove compartment, gotta get my cash
'Cause the crooked cops'll try to come up fast.
And bein' the baller that I am, I talk to them,
Givin' a damn 'bout not feeling my attitude.
When they realize I ain't even ridin' dirty
Bet you'll be leavin' with an even madder mood.
I'ma laugh at you

God, I love him.



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