Friday, June 02, 2006

Sopranos Drug Drama

Joseph R. Gannascoli, the actor who played the slimmed down, tracksuit wearing, johnny-cake loving, man-eating mobster Vito Spatafore in the Sopranos attempt to go Brokeback, has himself in a little pill-peddling predicament. That was the loooongest sentence in the history of sentences ever. This little pharmaceutical foul-up is a bit different than the usual expected from a mobster and/or actor.
The makers of Stacker 2, an over-the-counter diet pill allege Gannascoli didn't do enough to promote the product after receiving about $316,000 from the company over the last 2 1/2 years. Gannascoli, 47, disputed the company's claim, which came after a tough few episodes when his character was beaten to death after his secret homosexual life was discovered. "I begged them to do things but they wouldn't. They didn't like I was doing the gay thing" in his TV role. It makes sense. I believe he would appeal to all the overweight, velour-tracksuit-wearing guidos and other Sopranos wannabes, but it’s safe to say that once he started playing for the pink team he wouldn’t be the most appealing of the faux-mobsters to that specific demographic. I can’t really see how he’d appeal to the gay demographic -- If I was trying to market to the fat, gay demographic I’d rather sell them Johnny cakes than diet pills endorsed by a fake gay gangster. Then again, it probably doesn't matter since the show is on HBO--half of you people probably have no fucking idea what I'm talking about with this gay mobster, johnny-cake bullshit because you don't subscribe to HBO. In other news, Joseph R. Gannascoli is now pushing pills for a competing diet pill company. Can anyone say “It’s Trim Spa, goomba!” [source]


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