Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hair Scare

Just when you thought the Anna Nicole Smith saga couldn't get any stranger:

An attorney for the ex-boyfriend of TV reality star Anna Nicole Smith said she believes that Smith dyes her new daughter's hair. The model, who usually sports platinum blonde hair, may have dyed her infant daughter's locks to make it appear the father is Smith's current companion, Debra Opri said Monday. Smith's ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead, who claims he is the father, saw the child with dark hair in leaked snippets of an "Entertainment Tonight" interview of Smith, Opri said. PICTURED BELOW "It's horrendous," Opri said. "We are calling our experts right now to see if dyeing an infant's hair is any way toxic or harmful to a child." Birkhead frosts the tips of his sandy blonde hair. Smith's current companion, Howard K. Stern, appears to have naturally black hair. Smith's attorney Ron Rule said the allegations of hair-dyeing were ridiculous.

Does Larry think that just because he and Anna sport bleached 'dos, the baby's hair should be bleached? Does he realize baby hair can change? I wonder if my lawyer has a baby hair dye expert on hand...

At this point, I don't think I want baby Dannielynn with any of these people! It takes a special person to dye a baby's hair but it takes an even special-er person to accuse someone of dying their baby's hair. Of course by 'special' I mean 'fucking insane." Who knows, maybe the little bitch just called up baby pal Suri Cruise for some hair tips. Can I just say that I have never seen some loser try SO HARD to be the father of some other loser's child -- and that's impressive since I watch WAY too much daytime TV. [source]


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