Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pictures from Anna Nicole's Commitment Ceremony

Anna Nicole’s ex-boyfriend is accusing her of being addicted to drugs. While she denies it, her face does not:
In a theme of commitment, Anna Nicole committed herself to her lawyer, Howard K. Stern. The two appear to be committed to drugs and should likely be committed to a rehab facility. I thought Howard was just havin' a rough night on Larry King but I guess I was wrong - he looks that haggard all the time. Assumedly, these are the best pictures from the event. That in itself should be a warning sign – when your good pictures look like the pictures you would normally cross-cut shred then burn before anyone sees them, it’s time for an intervention. What's even more distrubing is that People Magazine paid about $1 million for them. Who the hell is that black guy and what's he doing? Maid of honor maybe?
Do you Howard take Anna to be your drug partner? To have and to hold for better or for worse, with ex-husband's fortune or just Trim-spa money, hot body or obesity, baby's daddy or not from this day forward until another methadone overdose death do us part.

Time for Anna's bath.


OldWiseOne said...

She looks like she just had a chemical peel done on her face. Nassty.

xine said...

Sometimes I use this clear, sticky peel-off facial mask. It's basically like clear glue or cum. Take your pick. Anyway, that's what her face reminds me of...only with a sunburn underneath. She needs some sunscreen and some oil-absorbing face wipes.

...or she could've just had a chemical peel which was much easier to write out. That's why you're oldwiseone and I'm just xine.

Anonymous said...