Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The "Iron-Clad" Pre-Nup - Emerging Details

Leave it to Britney to steal electon day's thunder. Forget about senate, everyone is waiting to hear about how much money Fed-Ex stands to make from this shocking (?) not-so-shocking (?) divorce. Here are some early reports:

The 'kingdom down the street from Pepperdine' = split 50/50
Gifts more than $10,000 = given back to the gift-giver (i.e. that Ferrari he would shut up 'bout= GONE!)
Cash = Brit will pay him $30,000 a month for a year
Child Support = No money will go to his 'other' kids In other words, Britney is still a millionaire and K-Fed's broke ass will be selling cell phone and detailing cars in about 2 years. Not so pimpy, eh? Britney Spears' divorce is not going to ruin my workout - I'll check in later for more stories. It looks like this week in the gossip world is going to be a little interesting. I feel a migrane coming on.

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Anonymous said...

Thank GOD!!! This douchebag's 15 minutes are finally over with. He'll be doing tag-team porn with Screech from Saved By The Bell a couple of years from now.