Monday, January 29, 2007

Anorexia Chronicles: What The Hell

I was going to write a little piece on Jenna Jameson and the current lack thereof but it appears as if anorexia chronicles should be the least of her worries! What happened to swanky-skanky, lust-worthy Jenna? Did divorce fly her over the cuckoos nest? Did those missing 20 pounds send all of her implants/lifts on a tectonic shift from the brow down? Jenna Jameson can do no wrong in my book but this incredible shrinking, shifting look has to go. Seriously, it pains me to say that she looks like a dumpy mix between Donatella Versace and plastic surgery junkie/porn slut Tabitha Stevens. Obviously that’s far from a compliment. For some reason, I just wanted more from the Queen of Porn. She’s rich enough to not look all used and abused at 31. There’s a point when people don’t want to watch plastic, mutilated little things having sex on screen – just ask Tabitha Stevens. Here's more of the tragedy:

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