Thursday, January 25, 2007

Shoulder Schmulder

Dear Fabulous Celebrity Hijinx Readers:

Bright and early Friday morning I’m having shoulder surgery. I’m not quite sure how I injured by shoulder since I don’t partake in much shoulder-injuring activity: throwing balls, playing ball, benchpressing or any other manly shoulder thingy. The most I do with my shoulder is carry my overpriced purses and the occasional handjob. Alas, my shoulder is more torn-up then Paris Hilton’s vag and I’ve been on a slippery slope of painkillers and misery for the past eight-ish months. I don’t yet know if I’ll be able to type – hopefully I’m as successful at one-handed blogging as Heather Mills McCartney is at one-legged golddigging. When this is over, expect tons of musings from a new, improved xine. Much thanks to Dino for holding this shit together while they put my shoulder back together and I put my life back together!


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