Saturday, February 17, 2007

Britney is Bald

...and I'm not talking about her cooch this time. Britney's day long rehab ended in shaving her head? How the hell is she going to wear her nasty extensions. I mean I'm sure it's hard to be a new mother and all. I know a lot of new mothers cut their hair short but don't you think shaving is a little extreme? I mean really, shaving? Why would she do this:

Havin' hair and two kids is hard y'all.
Has anyone checked to see if K-Fed is still alive - maybe she doesn't want to leave trace hair evidence.
...or she didn't want someone to check her hair for drugs.
Is it for a movie. V for Vendetta low-budge seque. B for (bald) Britney. She's no Natalie Portman. The Coneheads, maybe?
Did she get a new endorsement deal for Mach 23 razors?
She's reinventing herself as a butch dyke.
She wanted to look more like her sons in family photos.
She misunderstood the whole Locks of Love thing and just donated it all.
She wanted the drapes to match the carpet.
But at NY fashion week they said bald is the new black y'all.
I've never ever been that drunk before in my entire life.


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