Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Deja Vu: The Fight Over Anna Nicole's Body is Back On!

Seriously guys, I'm unhealthily obsessed with this saga.

Here's the quick update: Anna's estranged mom from Texas, Vergie the Hutt, decided to appeal Judge Crazy Man's decision to give Anna's remains to some lawyer who decided to bury her in the Bahamas. Of course this happened after Howard K. Stern, Larry Birkhead and everyone else in the history of the world fiiiiiiiiiiiinally agreed on something: that Anna Nicole should be buried next to Daniel in the Bahamas. Larry and Howard were even finishing each other's sentences in a press conference. I think there was world peace for a second. In the meantime, while her daughter's body is decomposing in a morgue, Vergie decided to give one last ditch effort to get that money tree she thinks will grow out of Anna's grave. The case is being heard as I type. Watch it live here.


LRM said...

Today's New York Post - Cindy Adams, a long standing gossip columnist's article is really interesting! It appears Momma the Hutt is getting paid and having everything paid (flights, rooms, attorneys, etc.) by a British agency that will collect on all this later column. Read the article - very interesting indeed. Can now see why Anna really did hate her.

xine said...

I'll check it out! I can't get enough info. :)

I'm really interested in the legal aspects of this story - I started to write a column for the blog but the situation keeps progressing and I've been superbusy with work.