Sunday, February 25, 2007

TV Time: To Catch A Predator

I don't necessarily agree with the tactics of MSNBC's "To Catch A Predator" but I sure love watching it... I think this is the best clip ever...

"so what part of the Bible tells you to say all this kind of stuff here in the chat: i'd love to suck BEEP play BEEP suck BEEP nipples BEEP." "Is that in the old testament or the new one.."


devin said...

where's the take down? that's the best part!

Anonymous said...

"I am truly sorry (that I got caught), and I am not gonna be in that chat room anymore (because it's important when trolling for children to avoid the chat rooms that have all the cops in them)."

These people can't be trusted to not commit their crimes again and again. It's sexually driven. You can't rehabilitate someone's sex drive. Quit letting them back out on the street.