Monday, April 02, 2007

How Stella Got Her Gay On

Anyone remember Waiting to Exhale author, Terry McMillan?

McMillan married Jonathan Plummer (a fag), in 1998. At the time of their marriage, McMillan was in her mid 40's, Plummer, his early 20's; he was the inspiration for the love interest of the main character in the book How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Her life did not follow the movie when in December of 2005, Plummer told Terry that he is gay; in January 2006, she filed for divorce. The divorce was settled for an undisclosed amount.

In March 2007, McMillan sued Plummer and his lawyer for $40 million citing an intentional strategy to embarrass and humiliate her during the divorce proceedings. She says that folks should see where she's coming from, and know why she uses certain derogatory language (she says the word "fag" a lot). Plummer has claimed that McMillan referred to him as "little fag, common fucking criminal, and a common extortionist."

McMillan: "I'm really getting tired of the fact that people get upset that I use the F-word to refer to Jonathan. It was the only weapon that I have. It offends me that gay men think they are above criticism. If you criticize them, you're automatically a homophobe; I'm starting to think they're heterophobes. I still see betrayal as betrayal. I don't care how long he's been in the closet; I didn't put him in there."

McMillan recently contributed an essay called "100 Questions I Meant to Ask Him" in a new anthology called The Honeymoon's Over which she claims wasn't meant for publication.

In the essay, which somehow actually did get published, McMillan asks, among other things, "Have you been surprised by the promiscuous behavior of a lot of gay men? Are you going to be like this or are you already?" ahahhahahahhahahha

Um, don't be mad at him cause your gaydar ain't workin. Has anyone else seen Playing It Straight on FOX Reality? Terry would straight up lose (no pun intended)


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