Friday, June 01, 2007

Return of Xine from LALA land

My one fan probably noticed I haven't been around for over a week-ish. Turns out I was on vacation in CA without my laptop and with plenty o' cocktail in my hand. It was quite the eventful Memorial Day weekend in LA. To warm me back up to this blogging deal, I've written some Friday haikus. They're borderline Rosie O'Donnell blog material so cut me some slack:

Went to the West Coast
Stayed in Santa Monica
Cocktails at the pool

Lindsay crashed:
Lindsay lost control
Mercedes crashed in a bush
Driven by cocaine

Nicole Richie only wants people under 100 pounds at her party. Scale at the door:
Anorexic girls
No triple digits allowed
Easier OD

Misha Barton OD'd at Anorexic Party:
Do not take with alcohol
Mischa’s (lie) story

Come on down. You're totally not the next contestant on the Price is Right:
See the Price is Right
People camping in the line
Barker retires

Double haiku for Brandon "not so fat/greasy in person" Davis:
He’s called Fat Elvis
Not that greasy in person
Scrubbed it for Spago?

Grandma looks scary
They used to be billionaires
Eating with peons


biggayneil said...

dear xine, are you wearing a tankini....I love that word and only regret that I will never have the pleasure of wearing one. At least without looking like a tragic soggy transvestite .

Anonymous said...

haha. eating with peons.

hellocolleenie said...

so glad that you're back!!! :-) u so funny!