Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rosie Still Making Waves

It's nearly been a month since RoRo left The View, and she's still be able to both stay in the spotlight and create controversy. I think she's wonderfully open, aggressively argumentative sometimes, but mostly a pretty cool lady.

Well, this time, Rosie is in the news for stirin up some controversy. Rosie went and posted a picture of her daughter, Vivi, on her blog. In this picture, the ADORABLE child is wearing a strap with plastic bullets.

Here is what some of her "fans" had to say about it:

Neelie: That is a horrible picture of Vivi!!

Karlaro: I agree with you on mostly everything. But somehow I found the picture of Vivi disturbing. I don't even let my children play with anything similar to that. It's just a comment. But oh well!!!!!

David: that picture is gross! I am disturbed...leaving your site for a clearing of my mind as to what you are up to!Keep reading for more Rosie readers revolting. Yeah, I have the alliteration in me!

Rosie finally responded today on - here's what they had to say:

O'Donnell also addresses the issue in her Ask Ro section. One reader wonders, "Ammunition belts like that aren't sold at toys r us. What would prompt her even [to] want to do that without a little help from you? SAD!"

Replies O'Donnell: ""

Indeed, a search of the site turns up the $6.99 Bandolier Bullet Belt Deluxe, described as "A great accent for your military or cowboy costume!" One caveat: "These are costume accessory bullets intended for decorative purposes only. (These are NOT real.)"



sarah said...

People that can't see that the little girl is dressed all in camo are a bunch of blazing idiots.

Anonymous said...

It's like a freakin' halloween picture or something. It's soooo not a big deal. Maybe the little girl wanted to be a soldier for halloween. So what!