Thursday, March 16, 2006

Guessing Game...

WHICH married "Sopranos" actor has been having an affair with an actress who will appear in the series later this season?

Well it’s not James Gandolfini because he already divorced his wife a while ago after he was caught cheating and going on drug and alcohol binges or something. I’m going to go with Michael Imperioli or Steven Van Zandt but I’m towards Michael Imperioli because he’s younger and it’s a scientific fact that when you are trying to decipher a blind item on cheating and you have to choose between a younger man or an older man, the younger man is more likely to have done it. Actually, I just made that up. There's no scientific basis to that at all so please don’t use it in your next experiment. Now who's this mystery slut that will appear in the Sopranos later this season?

WHICH cute young Hollywood couple is kaput? The blonde babe dumped her hunk after she found out he gave her herpes.

Well it’s probably any number of blonde Hollywood girls whose boyfriends slept with Paris Hilton because, as we reported the other day, Paris has herpes. Since Paris Hilton has slept with almost everyone in Hollywood it’s safe to say that the US military should just start flying over Hollywood dropping Valtrex and Zovirax from helicopters.

[Blind Items]


hellocolleenie said...

Hollywood is one big STD anyway.

Anonymous said...

It's Juliana Marguiles