Thursday, July 20, 2006

Paris is an Overused Condom

We here at Celebrity Hijinx are slightly preoccupied with condoms today, and anything we can get our hands on that in any way relates to condoms, we're posting it. HAHHAHA get it? Anything we can get our hands on!! Condoms!! That's rich.

Speaking of contraceptives, Paris Hilton says she cries sometimes after reading the cruel comments about her posted on TMZ.

In an exclusive interview Wednesday, after finishing a meeting with her publicist Elliott Mintz, Paris agreed to talk to TMZ's Harvey Levin about thousands of messages TMZ users have posted, many of which are, as Hilton says, "mean and sadistic."

This dude actually asked Paris OUT LOUD about such comments as, "Paris is just an overused human condom," "Paris is like a fart in a mitten. You know it's there, you can't stand it, but you can't get rid of it," and "Would you please drop over dead or commit suicide you damn slut."

Paris said "I'm far less promiscuous than any of my friends." As for the infamous sex tape with ex-lover Rick Solomon, Hilton said "I'm judged because of something that an ex-boyfriend did to me. I'm not a slut at all."

She's a real pillar of society. My I remind our readers of a relatively recent post Xine wrote highlighting some very poignant quotes direct from that savagely NASTY mouth on poo widdle pawis.

"You have to make them work for it. I think that's the only way you know if they really want you or just want to be able to brag that they've been with you." - Sister Mary Paris Hilton


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patricia said...

i dont really like her. but what i like about her is her way of talking so sweet and soft. when i decidid to start a new life for myself i dopted the same way of speeking as she has.