Friday, November 17, 2006

Cuttin' Lines

Remember that wrist Lindsay Lohan always keeps covered? The one covered in bandages and wristbands in recent weeks? Well, now it's covered in cuts. They were discovered by British press during a wild night with Lindsay where she changed outfits several times, partied all night, hooked up with "London’s most famous lothario,"(Calum Best, a recent Paris hook-up) and then, of course, rounded off her night by flashing her cooter. I swear if these girls wore underwear, it would greatly decrease the risk of random penises wandering into their va-gigis. Don't worry. They appear to be superficial wounds with the sole purpose of garnering attention.

Lindsay's rep says she "fell in a bush." Sounds like someone got an early Christmas present -lessons at Elliot Mintz School of BS and PR.


oldwiseone said...

Fell in a bush? Did you make that up, because that is the funniest thing I have read all week! Is he sure that the bush didn't fall on her? Or maybe the bush was Hyde-ing behind another bush, and jumped out at her. Tricky damn bushes, can't trust 'em.

Like you said, if she'd wear panties once in a while she'd have less people falling in her bush. She should hook up with Kfed.

adrienne said...

omg she should totally hook up w/ Fed-Ex