Thursday, January 11, 2007

MY 15 MINUTES: My Life In Never Boring. Ever.

Remember the other day when I posted that story about the lady trying to get a prescription filled for her dog and I made a little picture of a dog (my dog) eating a pill? Well, in a matter of minutes this morning, I beat out Britney Spears for worst mother of the year and came up with the most interesting excuse to get out of work: my dog ate my sleeping pill. Beat that excuse, Lindsay Lohan. As I was trying to compose myself for work, I began finding tiny pieces of what used to be an Ambien. Baby's first OD. Fortunately, I believe I recovered the whole pill. After a $55 call to the National Animal Poison Control Hotline (just in case) Lucia is doing fine. I'm a total mess, but the dog is just super. Because of this dramatic tale, I will not be posting this morning - I'm home monitoring the dog for any reactions. To make up for a morning of no posts, here is an interesting fact: when dogs eat sleeping pills, it can actually have a paradox effect - i.e make them super hyper and agitated.

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Bad Bob said...

That one is better than "my garage door was frozen"