Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's Really SO Outrageous: Day 2

Brief update from Anna Nicole Body Trial Day 2 (Wednesday):

  • You can read the Day 1 update here.
  • The Judge decided he’s going to drag this shit on until Friday, a day before the Medical Examiner wants to kick Anna Nicole out of the morgue. He's never going to get his own TV show because there's no way he could fit a case into a 1/2 - 1 hour timeslot.
  • The Judge has to be the most verbose man I’ve ever heard in the history of wordy people.
  • When Texas (his name for the mom’s lawyer) said something about this case being a Circus. Seidlin said, "Don't use that term. It turns me off. There is no circus here, my friend. ... There's nothing circus. If you want to say circus, say circus equals attention." Ok…. I think he just needs some of Anna’s clown face paint to bring him out of denial.
  • This judge has the worst ADD I’ve ever seen. In the middle of one discussion he stopped everyone and began rambling about how everyone needs to love each other because some religious wars don’t let people love each other and everyone needs to hold hands an honestly it made less sense than I’m making now. Kumbaya.
  • Anna’s mom took the stand and was a horrific witness. She blatantly lied about receiving money from Splash News but then retracted her lie in the afternoon. She said called "a close friend" of the family, David Leigh, as a journalist with Splash News has been attending events with her including yesterday’s trial. Although, she could not identify precisely where Leigh lived in Florida and she said he did not know Daniel even though he was at a memorial service for him in the Bahamas. David paid for some of Vergie’s flights. Whenever she was caught in a lie or she didn’t want to answer a question, she would freak out and start crying like she was overcome with emotion. She repeatedly answered questions by screaming stuff about Howard.
  • They took a fieldtrip to the morgue during the lunch break to view Anna's body. Tasty.
  • I guess I should mention now that they suspect Anna's mom tipped off the media about the secret lunchtime viewing. Apparently the Splash News journalist was traveling with her. Leaking that information violated a confidentiality agreement.
  • Howard was a rather boring witness. He didn’t want to talk about Anna’s drug use. He admitted she took prescription medication including methadone. Anna paid for all of Howard’s expenses. He said he made approximately "$60,000 - $70,000" in 2002 and $12,500 from the E! reality series "The Anna Nicole Show." If Howard wins the inheritance case, he will get 6% or $6,000,000 in compensation as her lawyer on the 14+ year case. He’s now borrowing money from his parents. He plans to work when he’s done grieving.
  • Larry Birkead took the stand. I’m unsure what a potential baby daddy has to do with where the body goes but I guess it’s no more irrelevant than the rest of this crap. Honestly, I didn’t pay much attention to him. He went on and on about Anna, Howard and drug use. He said he makes money of archived photos of Anna. Blah blah blah the end.
  • Proceedings started today at 10:30 am ET. You can watch it here.
I want more clown faces! Everyone needs to show up tomorrow in clown face.

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