Saturday, February 10, 2007

Larry King Adds Some New Freaks to The ANS Freakshow

In the wake of Anna Nicole Smith's death, Larry King decided to bring a small motley circus of grieving people to discuss her sudden death including:

  • A woman who had Anna has her maid of honor in her wedding and while you initially think they’re good friends, she didn’t even know Anna before the wedding. It was some sort of TrimSpa contest.
  • John James, a close friend of Anna who produced her latest movie and visited her in the Bahamas a lot recently
  • Joanie Lauer aka Chyna the pro wrester lady who stared in Anna’s last movie.
  • The wife of the CEO of TrimSpa who is Anna’s close friend who I want to recruit as my best friend.

Chyna seemed like a bigger blabbering mess than Anna during her fat, slurring reality show days. Then to top it off, TrimSpa CEO bitch called Chyna a stalker and basically told her off to her face on Larry King Live. I love it. Every little pore of this story is completely clogged with drama.


adrienne said...

the video embedding didn't work :(

xine said...

they disabled the embedded video. Bitches. You can watch it here: