Monday, March 26, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Update

A month and a half after Anna's sudden death, the first round of drama appears to be coming to a close. Dannielynn got her DNA test last week. The DNA was sent to a lab in Ohio and results should be available any day now. Also, today is the day Dr. Pepper is releasing his findings from the autopsy. Speculation says Anna had a severe blood infection from a dirty needle used for an injection in her buttocks, she caught norovirus during the trip and then took too much Chloral Hydrate (sleeping medication) the night before her death. If one didn't kill her, the others did. We'll know more around 10:30am ET today. You can watch the live announcement here.

Manner of Death: Accidental
Cause of Death: Combined drug toxicity (she had therapeutic levels of anxiety/depression drugs in her system, when the sleeping medication (chloral hydrate) was added, it became toxic). Viral and bacterial infections also contributed to her death.

"We found nothing to indicate any foul play," said Chief Charlie Tiger of the Seminole police department. Dr. Pepper also said that Chloral Hydrate tastes nasty and cannot be slipped into someone's drink. He also said that there was not much chloral hydrate missing from the bottle. Howard K Stern did not murder Anna. There you have it folks - Accidental OD - this is why I like innocent until proven guilty.

Cause of death down - DNA results, Daniel's inquest and inheritance to go...

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Anna Z said...

What I never see mentioned in any of this Anna N Smith coverage is the role of the nurse that was there. What drugs was she administering and how. Where is her log?

Who on earth believes that Smith supposedly get a dirty needle shot from a nurse? How is that even possible? Legitimate needles are disposable and as cheap as kleenex. The ONLY way people get illness and infection from needles is through illegal drug use.

Not that I care really. What a waste of space that poor screwed up bimbo was.

Is there actually both a Dr. Pepper and a Chief Charlie Tiger involved in this? That is hilarious. Leaving aside that the point I make above would lead one to conclude that this investigation is being carried out by cartoon characters; they even sound like cartoon characters.

I’m just sayin’.