Friday, April 06, 2007

Questionable Quotes: 50 cent and half a dis

Fifty Cent called into Hot 97's Miss Jones morning show in NYC yesterday to respond to Tony Yayo's assault case. Yayo, a member of G Unit allegedly attacked Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond's 14-year-old son. Fiddy said that G Unit had nothing to do with the attack. Then he added his $.02:

"Worry about the Je-Je-Je-Jew unit. They're the real goon squad. When the lawyers come out, you'll see what it is. I don't pay nobody. I only pay the lawyers."

I’m confused. Who is the Je-Je-Je-Jew Unit? Is that anti-Semitic or is that just how he normally refers to his lawyers? If so, does he not realize that generally goon means a stupid person. Unless he’s smarter than we all think and he’s referring to goon in the sense of a person hired to intimidate opponents but even that doesn’t really make sense… What gangsta hires a jew lawyer to intimidate his opponents? I think 50 was just shot in the head 8 too many times. He needs to get off the radio and go back to the club with a bottle full of bub.


Jimmy Henchman went on the offensive against 50 Cent this morning on WQHT radio station in New York. Henchman who manages former G-Unit partner, The Game said 50 is “very immature and must be the Special Education Rapper.”

Snap. Now that’s clear and concise.

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